Why Pima Cotton

August 2021

Why Pima Cotton

Babies naturally have thinner and more delicate skin than adults, and infants with particularly sensitive skin may find that many materials cause itching, rashes, eczema flare-ups and overall irritation. After much research and fabric testing, we found that Pima Cotton is a great option for all babies, especially those with sensitive and eczema prone skin. It is one of two higher quality cottons produced around the world, making up less than 10% of the world’s cotton production.

All Vaali V products are made in Peru from 100% Pima Cotton due to the ideal growing conditions that create the best quality Pima Cotton in the world.

How Is Pima Cotton Different From Regular Cotton?

There are more than forty different types of cotton grown around the world (90% of which are known as gossypium hirsutum or upland cotton), and for generations it has been acknowledged as a good choice for babies with sensitive skin. Of those 40 types of cotton, Pima Cotton is known to be the most luxurious, long-lasting and breathable fabric. Pima Cotton is amazingly versatile and because of its unique fabric properties, it is naturally hypoallergenic (free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals) and suitable for all seasons. Thanks to its extra-long staple cotton, which is twice the length of regular cotton, it is also considerably softer and very durable so you can pass it down!

Pima Cotton not only looks smooth but actually feels silky smooth against the skin. This makes it an ideal option for eczema-prone and sensitive skin.

Naturally Hypoallergenic and Sustainable

Pima Cotton’s growing and production practice makes it naturally hypoallergenic, containing no unwanted pesticide residents or synthetic fertilizers that could irritate the delicate skin of your little one. It’s hand-harvested for sustainability, which retains the integrity of the cotton - something that is especially appealing right now as we strive to reduce our carbon footprints to protect the next generation.

Soft And Durable Lasts Twice As Long

When you touch Pima Cotton, the first thing you’ll notice is how much softer it feels when compared to many other fabrics. There are other cottons that are equally soft, but what makes Pima Cotton unique is it’s durability and long-lasting fibre properties.

The longer fibres of Pima Cotton makes the fabric more resistant to tearing, pilling and fading when compared with regular cotton. This means that clothing made from this material also holds it shape much better – something that is ideal for baby clothes which are washed frequently. Pima Cotton baby clothes will last twice as long as regular cotton and it’s easy care makes this a great value for your money.

Breathable And Suitable For All Seasons

If your baby suffers from eczema you’ve probably already noticed that there is link between their clothing and their skin irritation and likely the weather. Environmental factors play a major role for those who suffer from sensitive and eczema prone skin, so something that is breathable, highly absorbent and light is probably key when dressing up your little one. Pima Cotton is amazingly versatile so it can be worn day or night, summer or winter, it’s an ideal choice for all-year-round. Dressing your little one in a Vaali V convertible footie gives you many options – fold the mittens and footies over during those cold winter nights or unfold them during those summer days.

Practical, comfortable and safe for baby to wear against their skin, Pima Cotton is the perfect choice when dressing your little one. Check out our line of Pima Cotton baby clothing and accessories!

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