Our Story

It’s not a complicated one, just one that we hope some parents can relate to. At our child’s third month check-up, we found out the “rash” he had was actually atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. That’s where our journey began. We spent an endless amount of time researching and product testing to figure out what could help tame and soothe our little one. Some creams, ointments, and body washes worked, while others were just a temporary solve. We knew that anything and everything that touched his skin would have to be researched before use.


We used the National Eczema Association product database as our go-to, but we quickly realized there weren’t many options for clothing and accessories and that was the genesis of Vaali V. Vaali (vah-lee) meaning hugs in Gujarati is the inspiration behind our brand. We are passionate about designing the perfect clothing and accessories made from 100% Pima Cotton, which is hand harvested and known to be the most luxurious, long-lasting and truly huggable fabric - perfect for your little one’s soft skin. Click here to read about all the benefits of Pima Cotton – there are just too many to list here!


We are confident you’ll agree with us when we say, your baby deserves a Vaali™.

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