How To Clean Baby Clothes

August 2021

How To Clean Baby Clothes

When your newborn arrives it can come as quite a shock how often you need to wash and change their clothing. From diaper leaks to food stains, baby clothes can get very dirty very quickly. Cleaning baby items isn’t always as easy as you imagined either. You have to take a little extra care when washing items that your little one will wear against their delicate and fragile skin.

Here are some tips to help you get started with keeping your baby’s wardrobe spotless.

Choose The Right Detergent

The detergent that you use on your own garments may not always be suitable for use on baby clothing. It’s best to opt for a non-biological product when cleaning newborn clothing so that the stain-eradicating enzymes in biological washing powder doesn’t irritate their skin.

For babies with extremely sensitive skin or who suffer from eczema, the best option is to use a detergent that has been especially formulated for use on baby skin, we recommend looking at the National Eczema Association approved product list. You can be confident that these products contain no potentially harmful or irritating ingredients that could make your baby sore or itchy.

Another option is to switch to eco-friendly detergents which are designed for use on sensitive skin. These products are milder and naturally contain no perfumes, colouring or dyes which could cause a potential reaction. Avoid using scent boosters.

Wash At The Right Temperature

When you’re washing your baby’s clothing it can be tempting to wash everything at as high a temperature as possible however that isn’t always a good idea. Many baby clothes should be washed in cold water, inside outside with like colors and tumble dried on low.

Blankets and clothing with mild to moderate staining will still come out clean if washed at these lower temperatures and you’ll be protecting the environment while saving yourself money on your energy bills. If you’re cleaning a heavily soiled garment (for instance after a blow out) you can spray garments with a stain remover, soak it in water and then wash as usual and/or recommended by the care label.

Keep Clothing Soft And Comfortable

When you bear in mind that baby clothes get spun around in your washing machine hundreds of times during their lifespan it’s easy to see how they can become shapeless and itchy over time. Using fabric softener in each wash is the perfect solution, but you need to make sure you’ve chosen a suitable product.

Look for a hypoallergenic softener that can keep your little one’s garments snuggly and soft without causing them any irritation. Check before adding any fabric softener to your wash though – some baby clothing has a flame-resistant coating which could be damaged by fabric softeners.

Use Your Common Sense

You probably already separate your dark colored from your light colored garments before washing them, and that still holds true when washing baby clothes – after all, you don’t want those lovely white baby vests to turn grey in the wash! Remember to check the labels before you put them in your machine to ensure you’re treating each garment correctly when washing or drying it, and wash fire-resistant clothing separately to prevent their coating from becoming damaged.

Choose The Right Baby Clothing

Perhaps the top tip of all when it comes to caring for your baby’s clothes is to pick the right clothing to begin with. Select baby garments that are made from fabrics that are naturally soft, durable and easy to care for such as Pima cotton. This will ensure that your little one’s outfits are in great condition for years to come (and you can pass them down!). You can read more about the benefits of Pima Cotton here.

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